Michi Ramen – Review

Prior to heading back to California, we decided to eat Ramen. I opened up Yelp and typed “Ramen”. Michi Ramen was listed #1 on the result page and it has 4.5 stars. So I entered it to my GPS and headed that way. It was Sunday lunch, thinking that it will be packed with customers.

As we arrived, the place wasn’t full as we were expecting, but there were couple customers. We were seated right away and we looked at the menu. As for me, I usually looked at Yelp for favorites among the locals.

Our usual order is Takoyaki along with our Ramen. We got Tonkotsu Ramen and Black Garlic Ramen.

Their Takoyaki is different from other Ramen place. I’m assuming there’s mayonnaise in their sauce. It’s just my preference and I’m not fond of mayonnaise on the Takoyaki. It’s not a deal breaker but the mayo overpowers the flavor of the Takoyaki.

With my Ramen, I usually eat the noodles first then finish the soup but this one, I finished the soup then the noodles. Their soup wasn’t heavy and creamy, it’s just right and perfect for my taste. Their pork is soft and tender but wasn’t melt in your mouth.

Will I ever go back here? Sure, if I’m in the area again and there’s no Ramen place closer to where we are staying. But for others looking for Ramen, this is a must try spot. You’ll definitely enjoy their Ramen.

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